Japan San-X Laundry Net - Rilakkuma

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280×230×50mm approx.
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Laura V.Feb 2, 2021
Exactly as described, and well packaged for delivery. It was dispatched in a couple of weeks, and then delivery to the UK took 1 month. Thank you!
Koen C.Mar 29, 2014
This kit has a generous amount of wool, and the instructions are broadly intelligible. Also, it's damned adorable.
Dallis E.Sep 22, 2014
Great Seller
Mrs R. D.Jan 16, 2023
Correct size and arrived quickly and promptly, thank you.
Yasmindre R.Oct 2, 2019
Thank you . Great comunication
Brandon A. B.Feb 8, 2021
Instructions were entirely in Japanese. High price for acrylic material and instructions that I had to figure out by looking at pictures. This was my first time needle felting so if that’s not the case for you, then this kit may be more enjoyable. Material of acrylic should be stated in written description and not only on the picture of kit. They have WOOL listed. Misrepresenting as they should NOT be used interchangeably
Michelle J.Sep 26, 2022
A bit smaller than expected, but I love it! Perfect for journaling, I use it for tracking my mood :). Not sure what the little papers are for, they're like 3x3cm. The stamp pad is a nice colour and still works.
Genna T.Mar 14, 2023
Got here super fast, really like this little dude
Megan B.Feb 17, 2023
So cute and soft! Love him
Janka K.Sep 18, 2022
Thank you for the great packaging and the quality products! Also came quickly to the UK from Hong Kong. Many thanks!
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